In 2019, Denver’s air quality was classified as severe. Residents were aware of the brown cloud lurking above due to the high emissions from the state by the industries and vehicles. Denver residents were at increased risk due to the emissions and the adverse effects on their health.

Mayor’s Office Role in The Climate Action

In August 2019, acting Mayor Hancock made the first stride towards achieving action sustainability and sustainability. He approved a total of $8 million to expand the efforts to minimize greenhouse gas emissions to 2020.

Currently, the mayor’s office is taking action to work towards climate action sustainability with new guidelines and a new task force other than that formed when Mayor Hancock was in office.

Denver Food Matters

Proudly, Denver has always worked towards reducing food wastage every year and all the pollution caused by food wastage. In 2019, the DPHE- Department of Public Health and Environment formed a partnership with NRDC, which would last for two years.

The Food Matters project initiated the culture of making significant reductions in food wastage by enacting comprehensive policies and suitable programs.

Current Plan

Denver realized that rebuilding an energy-efficient economy in the City needs different perspectives, the courage to challenge our custom ways, and new ideas. There is an office dedicated to Climate Action Sustainability and Resilience.

The office works tirelessly to create a better, cleaner, and energy-sustainable Denver for the residents and the climate. The CASR office works in conjunction with their departments, community leaders, partners, and other governmental organizations to make this a reality.

Our Quest to Help

We have;

  • Programs and services- we have come up with ideal programs and services to help reach our goal. You can learn more about our programs and services here.
  • Goals and policy- like any other institution, we pride ourselves on our policy, which guides us in the course of operation. We also have set goals that align with the overall goal, minimize emissions, find a way to transition to renewable energy, and save the environment.
  • Initiatives- we are creative minds who have come up with different initiatives to help reach the set climate and sustainability goals.