Climate Action

Did you know that cities contribute an average of 70% of greenhouse gas emissions globally? Most industries and economic activities happen in cities and areas with a high population, resulting in more emissions.

Therefore, to control climate action, we need to give critical attention to the cities. Thus, climate action is an integral part of our overall goal of getting a climate solution.

Cannabis Sustainability

At Green Denver, we ensure we work with highly skilled researchers and professionals to share the best cannabis industry practices.  It is interesting how the cannabis industry is willing and devoting to help reduce climate change. The industry is seeking a way to generate a positive environmental impact, and we partner with them to advance set policies and programs.

Home Energy

What if we offered you a cheaper and more efficient source of power for your home energy? Simple changes that make your home energy efficient can go a long way to reduce your energy bills. Other than that, you get to enjoy better comfort and quality indoor air than before for almost half the price.


Sustainable Transport and Mobility Options

The transport sector is the leading cause of greenhouse and carbon emissions, making it the leading cause of air pollution in Denver. This industry is also ranked second when it comes to the emission of greenhouse gases. Therefore, we aim to come up with sustainable transport options to curb these emissions.

Solar Energy

Our City, Denver, is optimally located in a solar-friendly climate zone. So, why not take advantage and switch to solar energy? It is cheaper and a more environmental-friendly option.

Optimally Performing Homes and Buildings

We work day and night to ensure that all existing buildings and residential homes emit net zero carbon emissions. To ensure this, we use sustainable methods which we can keep up for years.

Renewable Electricity

Our vision for renewable energy is to transition to an electric system fully. We are confident that we can achieve a 100% transition.

Sustainable Living

Sustainability is the root of our organization. We educate businesses, households, and communities on how they can live sustainably to enjoy high-quality life.