At Green Denver, we have numerous programs and services that we offer. The main aim of our programs is to help advance sustainability which is the principal value in our business for our City’s residential community.

We act as a hub and a connecting point to our partners and city departments with the same goals. Therefore if you need any clarifications, you can get in touch with us via email.

Carry Your Bag Program

One of our most popular programs is Carry Your Bag. This program helps reduce the disposable carryout bags in the City since most of them end up littered or in landfills.

Therefore, we aim to reduce this by urging the population to take the first step of responsibility and go shopping with their recyclable bags.

To discourage the use of disposable bags, the city government came up with a penalty measure which was in effect since July 1st, 2021. Now, you will pay 10 cents for every disposable bag you get at the store.

Commercial Energy Program

You can now learn more about the renewable energy options available through this program. It is geared towards buildings that occupy more than 25,000 square feet and the program seeks to help them comply with the set Green Buildings Ordinance rules and guidelines.

Certifiably Green Denver


Unlike popular opinion, sustainability is not merely a trend. It is the key to good business. Lucky for you, we are here to ensure your business becomes Certifiably Green!

Pass Gas

In order to reduce emissions, we need to reduce our gas usage. Besides, gas is more expensive than other sources of renewable energy. Our Pass Gas program aims to reduce the use of gas to lower carbon emissions.

It also helps businesses save money and citizens can breathe clean and high-quality air. What more advantages do you need to pass gas? You can learn more about how to make the switch from our website.

Smart Leasing Program

To achieve optimal energy-efficient and high-performance buildings, the needs of the landlords and tenants need to align. Our smart leasing programs offer training and free access to tools that find common ground for each party’s interest.