It has now been more than two years since Mayor Hancock asked the City to switch to 100% renewable energy for the City’s electricity needs. There is no denying that is an aggressive goal. However, if achieved, it  could put Denver in the limelight among the top cities to run solely on renewable energy.

Contrary to the understanding of many, running on 100 percent renewable energy does not mean disconnecting from Xcel Energy. It means building a renewable capacity for the grid to meet the entire demand for electricity in the City.

A renowned renewable energy specialist, Jonathan Rogers, further explained and said, “Our goal is to ensure the energy we consume in Denver as a municipality and community is renewable and helps decarbonize the current electricity grid.

Although there are no official updates or benchmarks yet, the City is putting its best foot forward. Remember, using renewable energy for the City is one among many goals geared towards the climate plan.

Primary emphasis has been put on the city buildings, which are the first to change to reach the goal. City buildings are now being retrofitted to make them more efficient. They are also being equipped with solar panels where it is practical.

Along with the climate action team, city officials are working tirelessly to enact laws and guidelines consistent with the goal. The ambition of these goals has now led Denver to serve as a testing ground for numerous exciting ideas. Denver is now testing novel grid management and new technology techniques to help evaluate and ease the transition.

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